"I have my own personal social media accounts and thought I knew all I needed to about how they work. This course showed me how much more I had not explored on these various platforms. It definitely opened up my eyes to all the ways to use social media to boost your business and how to make our company's presence noticed."

Giselle Darwent


''I was a senior police detective for 30 years and now work on international animal investigations. This is a course that is suitable for anyone involved in dealing with crime or criminals, and there is certainly no need to have studied at an advanced level to work with it. A good course.''

Mark Randell


"I committed to one-year access to all courses because I wanted to study different courses I’m interested in for the future, such as cooking, gardening, and maternity. It’s been a great benefit to have one year to study different courses. I’m now trying vegetarian recipes that I will upload on my Instagram."