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    About the course

    When you are ill or in pain, do you wish you knew natural ways to make yourself better

    You don’t want to rely on pharmaceutical drugs all the time. Medical costs are rocketing, so it’s no wonder there’s a growing movement to find alternative treatments.

    Are you ready to take control of your own health and heal yourself naturally using herbs you can grow at home or buy in the store?

    Our Master Herbalist certification online course empowers you to use herbs for health and healing to:

    • naturally treat persistent or chronic illnesses including PMS, arthritis, migraines, and depression

    • treat the underlying cause of many mental and physical illnesses

    • restore the body’s natural balance 

    • improve your general well-being

    • boost the immune function before an illness occurs

    The course shows herbs found in many kitchens which can be used to treat ailments. You'll also be able to grow your own sweet-scented medicines such as lavender, chamomile and violets. Know which weeds found in many backyards, including nettles and dandelions, have healing properties. You'll see plants in a new and positive light

    Herbal remedies have been used for many thousands of years. Now you can rekindle a closeness with nature and tap in to the ancient wisdom of using plants as medicine. Study our Master Herbalist certification online course to discover natural treatments that are easy to take and easy to make at home.

    What you will learn

    Celebrate the natural world around us by returning to traditional methods of healing your mind and body. Studying Master Herbalist certification online enables you to:

    • See which plants and herbs are used to treat different illnesses and know how to use them

    • Find remedies for using herbs for health and healing many physical and mental disorders and health complaints

    • Create a handy natural medicine cabinet that’s easily at hand for when you feel ill

    • Grow and make your own natural treatments effortlessly and cheaply at home

    • Know the best ways to store and keep herbs in good condition

    • Know where to find herbs and plants that grow naturally

    • Know which natural remedies to use for everyday ailments as well as chronic or persistent illnesses such as headaches, PMS or skin complaints

    • Be able to easily and quickly create natural medicines to treat the mind and body

    • Use safe and natural treatments for children and babies

    Herbs for health and healing need to be correctly administered because some herbs should not be eaten or drunk but used topically, for example. Our Master Herbalist certification online course shows which herb treatments to use for different health conditions and how to apply them.


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    Course Breakdown

    Module 1: Introduction
    • 1.1 Introduction
    • 1.2 Essential home remedy kit
    • 1.3 Growing your own medicine
    Module 2: Mind, Emotions And Nervous System
    • 2.1 Disorders of the mind and emotions
    • 2.2 Stress
    • 2.3 Healing highlight: Rose
    • 2.4 Nervous system
    • 2.5 Healing highlight: Rosemary
    Module 3: Digestive And Urinary System
    • 3.1 Digestive system
    • 3.2 Healing highlight: Dandelion
    • 3.3 Healing highlight: Milk thistle
    • 3.4 Urinary system
    • 3.5 Healing highlight: Nettle
    Module 4: Respiratory System And The Skin
    • 4.1 The respiratory system
    • 4.2 Healing highlight: Lavender
    • 4.3 The skin
    • 4.4 Healing highlight: Calendula
    Module 5: Heart And Blood Health
    • 5.1 Heart attacks
    • 5.2 Nourishing the heart
    • 5.3 Healing highlight: Hawthorn
    Module 6: Bones, Muscles And Joints
    • 6.1 Disorders of the bones, muscles, and joints
    • 6.2 Healing highlight: Comfrey
    Module 7: Eyes And Ears
    • 7.1 Disorders of the eyes and ears
    • 7.2 Healing highlight: Fennel
    Module 8: Women’s Health
    • 8.1 Menstrual cycle and fertility
    • 8.2 Pregnancy
    • 8.3 Breastfeeding
    • 8.4 Menopause
    • 8.5 Healing highlight: Motherwort
    • 8.6 Healing highlight: Sweet violet
    Module 9: Babies And Children
    • 9.1 Treating children
    • 9.2 Healing highlight: Chamomile
    • 9.3 Final thoughts


    Who is this course for

    • Everyone who wants to cut back on their medical costs and join the growing movement of people using natural ways to make themselves better 

    • Anyone who has concerns about what they are putting into their bodies or on their skin. Use herbs to boost health or heal ailments and chronic illnesses

    • Anyone seeking for affordable alternatives to chemically-synthesized drugs can use many natural herbs for health and healing

    • Anyone wanting to use natural treatments for recurring complaints such as migraines and PMS

    • Healers and practitioners of natural or alternative therapies can advise clients about herbal remedies

    • You, if you’re ready to embrace the power of Mother Nature by experiencing the benefits of herbalism and natural remedies

    How will it help me

    • Personalize your own healthcare by making your own natural remedies to heal yourself

    • Find cheaper, natural alternatives to man-made drugs by using herbs for health and healing

    • Find easy-to-use remedies with natural ingredients you have in your home  

    • Be empowered to take positive action to boost your own health and wellbeing 

    • Find natural ways to treat chronic illnesses and health complaints for people of any age, including babies and children

    • Join the 38% of US adults who are returning to natural medicines which have been around for thousands of years

    • Study a Master Herbalism certification online course to see how nature can be harnessed to treat mental and physical complaints

    Career path

    • Discover your own journey into the plant world and go on to study to become a master herbalist

    • Start a career in alternative therapies and treatments


    Certification details

    To receive certification, you must:

    1. Complete every page of the course
    2. Score at least 55% on the exam at the end of the course
    3. That's it!

    After successfully completing the course, you will immediately receive your PDF course certificate so you can instantly add it to your CV and display your achievement. You can also request a hard copy certificate to be sent to your postal address for a small printing and posting fee.

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    CPD points are accepted and recognized by employers from both the public and private sectors, and academic institutions across the UK and internationally.

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