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Metal Detecting

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    Meet the expert


    About the course

    Who dreams of finding hidden treasures? You can strike gold - literally - as a metal detectorist.

    • But how do you find the best metal detector for you?
    • What metal detecting accessories do you need.
    • How do metal detectors work?
    • Do you need a licence?
    • How do you know what is fertile ground for treasure (it could be your own backyard!)
    • How do you dig up relics without damaging them?
    • Can you keep them?
    • How do you identify metal detector finds?

    In this course, metal detecting expert Chris of Metal Detecting WWII Battlegrounds answers all these questions and shares his vast experience, tips and inside secrets. You’ll feel like a metal detecting pro before going on your first search.

    And there are amazing metal detector finds waiting to be uncovered.

    Around the world, valuable jewels, gold and historic relics are still missing including $63 million in gold, silver and jewels hidden in the Rocky Mountains. Already metal detectors have been used successfully to find gold and silver coins worth millions.

    No wonder metal detecting is such a popular pastime. Plus, it’s fun - you can hang out in some cool places outdoors and underwater.

    And it’s heart thumping excitement - you never know what your day will bring, what riches you may find

    What you will learn

    • What's so fascinating about metal detecting
    • What it takes to be a successful metal detectorist
    • Healthy benefits of metal detecting
    • Where to search for treasures, starting with your backyard
    • Different types of metal detectors to find the right one for your situation
    • How to handle your detector like a pro
    • Other equipment you will need
    • Exercising your brain to research sites to explore
    • Planning your day out - what to pack for the weather and other essential equipment
    • How to identify, clean and restore your relics and treasures
    • Where to look for great metal detecting buddies 


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    Course Breakdown

    Module 1: Getting Into Metal Detecting
    • 1.1: Introduction to Your Tutor and Course
    • 1.2: The World of the Detectorist
    • 1.3: The Best Metal detecting environments
    • 1.4: Possibilities and Permissions
    Module 2: Finding The Right Equipment
    • 2.1 Knowing the different types of metal detectors
    • 2.2 Finding the right detector for your particular situation
    • 2.3 What are pinpointers and how can they help you?
    • 2.4 The essential digging tools
    Module 3: Getting To Know Your Metal Detector
    • 3.1 The user manual as your metal detector’s bible
    • 3.2 Quick and easy metal detector start up guide
    • 3.3 Getting familiar with target IDs
    • 3.4 Discrimination options
    • 3.5 How to benefit from preset modes
    • 3.6 Understanding frequencies
    • 3.7 Optimizing additional equipment
    Module 4: Mastering The Art Of Research
    • 4.1 Using search engines to start your research process
    • 4.2 Following up on your leads
    • 4.3 Books as a powerful research tool
    • 4.4 Maps as a great starting point
    • 4.5 Elevation models and viewers
    Module 5: Gearing Up And Getting Ready
    • 5.1 Planning with the weather in mind
    • 5.2 Clothing for every situation
    • 5.3 Bags and backpacks
    • 5.4 Essential equipment and kit
    Module 6: Time To Get Started
    • 6.1 Getting your bearings
    • 6.2 Understanding how elevation differences can affect you
    • 6.3 How to build the perfect, consistent swing
    • 6.4 Correctly Responding to Signals
    • 6.5 How to pinpoint, just right
    • 6.6 Troubleshooting for every eventuality
    Module 7: Cleaning And Restoring Finds
    • 7.1 Identifying what your find is
    • 7.2 Applying the right brush to reveal your find
    • 7.3 Rinsing your find with water
    • 7.4 Hammer time
    • 7.5 Using acidic solutions
    • 7.6 How to successfully use electrolysis
    • 7.7 Protective coatings
    Module 8: Building A Great Network
    • 8.1 Finding the right metal detecting companions
    • 8.2 Metal detecting communities
    • 8.3 Sharing is caring; the value of the right values
    • 8.4 Competition and caution around other detectorists
    • 8.5 Thanks and have a great metal detecting journey!


    Who is this course for

    • Everyone who loves the unexpected and has a sense of adventure - you never know what the day will bring when you’re detecting
    • Anyone looking for an absorbing hobby which is great exercise for body and mind
    • Anyone who loves history and wants to become part of it
    • People who look exploring new places
    • Families looking for a pastime they can do together
    • Older people who need to keep active
    • Existing metal detectorists who want to know more about where to explore and the right metal detectors to use
    • Anyone who has a metal detector lying dormant in a cupboard and wants to dust it off and take it out

    How will it help me

    Metal detecting is a fabulous pastime for all ages but, obviously, there are rules in place when you are digging up land or searching for what could be priceless treasure and relics. This course talks you through everything you need to know so you can confidently go on your first search and follow the metal detector protocol without breaking the law or upsetting landowners.