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Dog Socialization and Obedience MasterClass

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    Meet the expert


    About the course

    There’s no doubt about it, dogs are EVERYONE’s best friend! But occasionally, every dog owner will go through phases where their lovable pooch acts more like a monster – and it can be a frustrating and difficult time. Some dogs have trouble adjusting when they are brought home for the first time, other dogs can be trained for years and then act out for seemingly no apparent reason. But what this course will teach you is that there is ALWAYS a reason for every dog behavior – and we’ll help you to recognize the psychological, emotional, and social motivations behind their actions.

    This course will empower you to be your own dog behaviorist and training guru. When you work hands-on with your dog on training and obedience, it strengthens your bond and builds trust. Trainers and schools are expensive, stressful, and don’t always give you long-lasting results – because your dog is performing as opposed to learning. When you can correct your dog’s behavior, teach them new skills, and give them challenges, your dog will have more respect for you as a leader, and more love for you as an owner.

    By the end of the course, you’ll be able to work directly with your dog to fix those bad behaviors, and you’ll recognize signs of future problems. We want you to have a long and happy life with your doggy pal, so enroll today and start working your magic!

    What you will learn

    Our online course is suitable for everyone, of any experience level, and will teach you strong leadership skills and obedience tips that anyone can master. 

    • We start by training YOU as an owner.  We’re going to show you how your behavior, energy, the tone of voice, and body language affects your dog – both positively and negatively.
    • Then you’ll get inside your dog’s head to understand what’s causing their bad behavior. Is it a natural instinct? A response to change in their environment? An emotional reaction? Dogs are complex and think differently than humans.
    • You’ll learn how to interpret and recognize dog psychology, communication, and body language to understand what your dog is trying to express
    • We’ll take you through correcting many different types of behavior problems, starting with the “WHY” before we teach you the “HOW”. 
    • You'll learn how to properly socialize your dog so they play nice with others - with other dogs, pets, and humans. 
    • You’ll be able to reform your dog’s emotional issues, such as aggression, anxiety, fear, and insecurity, and fix the bad behaviors that come as a result of these issues – destruction, biting, soiling, guarding, howling, etc.
    • We’ll also show you how to improve your dog’s obedience so they walk nicely on lead, come when they’re called, and can follow basic commands. You’ll learn effective teaching methods using dog training collars, clickers and crate training.


    International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.


    Course Breakdown

    Module 1: Building Trust Starts With You
    • Dominance vs. Leadership
    • What Your Dog Needs from You
    • Take the Lead! Your Role as an Owner
    • The Power of Energy
    • Using your Voice Effectively
    Module 2: What’s Your Dog Thinking/doing?
    • Hereditary Traits and Ancestry
    • How Humans Shape Dog Development
    • Understanding the Dog Learning Process
    • “Normal” Dog Behavior and Motivation
    • Identifying Your Dog’s Natural Habits
    • Interpreting Doggy Language
    • Get Fluent in ‘Dog’
    Module 3: Correcting Domestic Behaviors
    • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
    • Chewing and Destruction
    • Excessive Barking or Howling
    • Digging, Clawing, and Escape Artists
    • Indoor Soiling and Housebreaking Problems
    • How to Handle Hyperactivity
    Module 4: Correcting Social Behaviors
    • Understanding Aggression
    • Not Getting Along with Other Dogs
    • Food and Toy Guarding
    • Bad Manners – Jumping, Humping, and Attention Seeking
    • Begging for Food
    Module 5: Obedience
    • General Training Tips
    • Clicker Training
    • Basic and Advanced Commands
    • Teaching Recall
    • Walking on a Lead – No Pulling Allowed!
    • Crate Training


    Who is this course for

    If you’ve experienced any of the following, this course is for you!

    • Has your dog suddenly developed a bad habit that you just can’t fix?
    • Does your dog show signs of social anxiety, fear, or aggression?
    • Is your dog suddenly soiling inside the home or having issues with housebreaking?
    • Is your dog destructive when left alone, or shows signs of separation anxiety?
    • Does your dog have issues with dominance, guarding, or biting?
    • Is your dog having trouble with recall, walking on lead, and basic obedience?

    Career path

    Candidates with an interest in working with dogs

    Anyone interested in a career in dog sitting, dog walking, dog training, or animal care

    Those interested in owning dogs, volunteering at animal shelters, or fostering animals.

    Existing animal care workers in pursuit of promotion

    Those seeking to improve the lives of their dogs through proper training, leadership, and interaction


    Certification details

    To receive certification, you must:

    1. Complete every page of the course
    2. Score at least 55% on the exam at the end of the course
    3. That's it!

    After successfully completing the course, you will immediately receive your PDF course certificate so you can instantly add it to your CV and display your achievement. You can also request a hard copy certificate to be sent to your postal address for a small printing and posting fee.

    All our courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards - www.icoes.org (accreditation number ICOES/00763/13/36). Most of our courses will earn you credits through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / Continuing Education (CE). Check for the CPD logo on the course page.

    CPD points are accepted and recognized by employers from both the public and private sectors, and academic institutions across the UK and internationally.

    International Open Academy is also an officially approved TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) center, with the TQUK Center Number: C001157

    TQUK is a national awarding body recognized by the UK Government and regulated by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).

    For further details, please visit https://internationalopenacademy.com/accreditation