CPD Certified Barista Training Bundle

Get the training you need to start a successful career as a barista, or just find a deep appreciation for coffee with the CPD Certified Barista Training Bundle.
Michael Jasin, co-owner of SSG Coffee Company and 2019 World Barista Championship finalist, has condensed years of barista expert into these two all-inclusive online courses: Professional Barista and Home Barista.
These video courses will show you how to get the most from your coffee roasts, the ins and outs of the typical equipment found in a coffee shop, how to make everything from americano coffee through lattes, all about steaming, frothing, and creating free pour latte art, and tips for remembering complicated orders, working during rush hour, and dealing with tricky customers.
Aspiring barista workers or coffee aficionados can use this course to learn all about coffee beans, brewing techniques, and customer service skills.
Gain confidence in your perfect brewing and start a career in a job that will keep you on your toes and help you bring in loads of tips from impressed customers with the Barista Training Bundle.