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    Meet the expert


    About the course

    Are you tired of trying ‘failsafe methods for making money online’ that leave your pockets empty?

    If you’re reading this, you probably have a good command of English. Your path to a quick and honest way to make money online is staring you in the face! Join the 21st century gold rush and teach English online.

    This online profession is booming. 1.5 billion people around the world are learning English. They need English speakers like you to teach them.

    But where do you start looking for work? What are the best places to find students and make money online? And how do you teach in this innovative and exciting new educational landscape?

    We have created a unique course to help you navigate and succeed as an online English teacher. The course is taught by five pioneers with more than thirty years of experience and a unique perspective on all the most important aspects of online teaching.

    This is your unique opportunity to learn inside information from these key teacher trainers and influencers:

    • Adalee Carrick, who has lived, traveled, and taught all over the world and specializes in teaching children
    • Janice Cook, who spent twelve years in the classroom before falling in love with online teaching and taking the leap to make it her full time job
    • Tim Gascoigne, who made the transition to online teaching and is now based in Malaysia, after traveling around the world and living in many countries
    • Joe Milne, who has years of teaching experience and now creates training content for online teachers from his home in Peru
    • Brett Stevens, who has helped hundreds of people get into online teaching from her base in the United States

    They are sharing golden nuggets of information with you, empowering you to:

    • Attract students from anywhere in the world

    • Work anywhere, at any time that suits you

    • Always be in demand. English is the dominant language of business and the universal language of civil aviation. Your potential as an English teacher is limitless

    • Earn up to $25 an hour with minimal start-up costs

    • Work from home without wasting time and money as a commuter. Roll out of bed and rock up to work!

    • Join enterprising entrepreneurs making money online

    There are great opportunities to generate income for a pioneering spirit seeking a safe online career. Sign up now to find fast, genuine ways that are guaranteed to make money teaching English online.

    What you will learn

    Five unique voices share their priceless experiences. They’ll take you into the heart of the industry to discover how to build a great career in this new field.

    You’ll learn how to maximize your earning potential. Discover:

    • Different types of online teaching jobs and the best places to find them

    • Equipment you need to get started as soon as you finish the course

    • How to get hired by making a superb first impression in your job application 

    • Ways to create a knockout teacher profile to attract the right students

    • Creating an impressive demo lesson for students to see how awesome your teaching skills are

    • What your online classroom should look like

    • Scheduling students and working in different timezones

    • Writing effective feedback for your students

    • All the teaching techniques you need

    • How to use attention-grabbing props such as puppets and music 


    International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.


    Course Breakdown

    Module 01: Getting Started
    • 1.1. Industry overview including types of teaching jobs
    • 1.2. Finding online teaching jobs
    • 1.3. Technical requirements and equipment overview
    • 1.4. Setting up your teaching space
    Module 02 : Your Job Application
    • 2.1. Job requirements and application processes
    • 2.2. Nailing your demo lesson
    • 2.3. Making a great intro video
    • 2.4. Successful interview tips
    Module 03 : Your Teacher Profile
    • 3.1. Creating an attractive profile
    • 3.2. What do parents look for?
    • 3.3. Taking great profile photos
    Module 04 : Online Classrooms And Teacher Portals
    • 4.1. Features of the online classroom
    • 4.2. Your teacher portal
    • 4.3. Trial classes
    • 4.4. Scheduling, slots, and timezones
    • 4.5. Lesson time management
    • 4.6. How to write feedback effectively and efficiently
    Module 05 : Esl Fundamentals Online
    • 5.1. Comparison of online and offline teaching
    • 5.2. ESL teaching technique - TPR
    • 5.3. ESL teaching technique - Scaffolding
    • 5.4. ESL teaching technique - Modeling
    • 5.5. ESL teaching technique - Repetition
    • 5.6. ESL teaching technique - Prompts
    Module 06 : Props, Resources, And Technique
    • 6.1. Essential props for teaching online
    • 6.2. Using puppets and toys
    • 6.3. Using music to enhance learning
    • 6.4. Materials and resources
    • 6.5. Reward systems
    Module 07 : Successful Online Teaching
    • 7.1. Career paths in online teaching
    • 7.2. Standing out from the competition
    • 7.3. The healthy online teacher
    • 7.4. Maximizing income and building your business
    • 7.5. Hacks for the online teaching lifestyle


    Who is this course for

    • Anyone who has the foresight to join a pioneering profession and make money online

    • People with a good command of English who want to teach online

    • Anyone wishing to teach English online without a degree or experience

    • Everyone who wants to join an exciting profession where they can choose where they work and the hours they work

    • People who can’t go out to work and are seeking a side hustle they can easily start up from home

    • Existing TESOL or TEFL teachers who want to take their skills online

    • Anyone seeking a career or sideline helping people around the world to learn English

    • English teachers seeking an alternative source of income by finding their own students online

    • English speakers looking for a long-term profession - you’ll never run out of students seeking English teachers

    How will it help me

    • This course will enable you to stand out and start looking for the best teaching opportunities

    • Learn from five pioneers who’ve risen to the top and secured a genuine, guaranteed way of making money online

    • With your inside knowledge, you’ll be the one landing the top jobs and the best students

    • This video course is a deep resource of industry knowledge

    • You will be able to ace the planning of your new profession from finding jobs, nailing interviews, setting up lessons, planning classes, and engaging students with fun props to encourage them to learn

    • This innovative course gives you all the tools and tricks of the trade you need to be a successful online English teacher

    Career path

    • The world is there for the taking. You can work anywhere you wish as an online English teacher

    • Find work with an online academy teaching English to students of all ages, from children to seniors

    • Stride out on your own and set up your own freelance business teaching English online

    • Specialize in teaching children, exam revision, business English or teaching to professionals in the nursing, engineering, or aviation industries

    • Teach English privately to individual students in an online classroom



    Certification details

    After successfully completing the course, you will immediately receive your PDF course certificate so you can instantly add it to your CV and display your achievement. You can also request a hard copy certificate to be sent to your postal address for a small printing and posting fee. 

    All our courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards - www.icoes.org (accreditation number ICOES/00763/13/36). They will also earn you credits through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / Continuing Education (CE).