Fully Accredited Criminology and Forensics Bundle

Criminology and forensics has become a subject of significant interest since the rise in popularity of crime drama series, psychological thrillers, and popular true crime Netflix shows and YouTube channels.
This thought-provoking bundle will give you an vast introduction into the various approaches and processes involved in the world of crime-solving, police work, and investigations. Get access to four of our bestselling courses: Criminal Psychology, DNA & Genealogy, Forensic Science, Criminology and Profiling.
Learn how to generate a criminal profile, the importance of DNA, and get a greater understanding of crime and the theories behind investigations. Explore forensic science, criminology theories, types of crime and punishment, and how to read a crime scene. Study famous case studies like Jack the Ripper & Charles Manson with a fresh and informed perspective.
Whether you want to learn out of personal curiosity or are looking to understand what a career in criminology may look like, the Fully Accredited Criminology and Forensics Bundle will help you get to grips with this fascinating specialty.