Start Your Business

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Start Your Business

You’ve done your training and now feel you have the skills to build your passion into a business. But how do you get started? Turning a dream into a reality can be a daunting project, especially if you don’t have experience in setting up and running a business.

While most people who own and run their own companies will say how rewarding it is, they will also tell you how busy and challenging it can be. Before making any plans, you need to be as prepared as possible for what’s ahead.

The IOA understands the many fears and worries setting up a business can bring up:

  • Do I have enough business knowledge?
  • How will I get customers?
  • What official obligations will I have?
  • How could I raise funding?
  • Will it work?
  • Can I manage the fast paced world of social media?
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To help you allay these worries and prepare you for the entrepreneurial world, we’ve compiled this Start Your Own Business course, especially focused on the business areas our students are trained in.

The course contains a wealth of knowledge and advice on all aspects of setting up and running a small, start up business:

  • In Module 1, Preparation, we’ll get you to explore your inner entrepreneur and recognize the skills and talents needed to make a success of running a business. You’ll learn about market research and how to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Discover practical advice on how and where to look for funding and how to avail of support.
  • Module 2, Introduction to Marketing, gives you a solid grounding on the basic principles of marketing plus really practical advice on promoting your business, marketing strategy, pricing and how to make full use of technology to propel your business into the limelight.
  • Module 3, Setting up your business, takes you through the less exciting but necessary formalities around your business structure, business name, intellectual property, legal obligations and registering your business.
  • Module 4, Running your business, we get really practical and explain about budgets and cash flow, accounting and taxes. Prepare yourself for business banking, finance and insurance. Discover really useful knowledge on hiring and getting the most from staff and on dealing with suppliers.
  • Module 5, Business Plan shows you the requirements for a business plan and where to find templates and samples to guide you to complete yours.
  • Module 6, Launching your business, rounds off with the more exciting elements of introducing your new business to the world and includes lots of advice and ideas on how to build a strong business network.

Throughout the course, we give you lots of real life examples of our advice in action. The easy to understand content is packed with inspiring material and workable ideas on all aspects of setting up and running a business. You’ll be clear on how prepared you feel to get started and where you’ll need to seek help.

Starting a new business is a very exciting prospect. It’s also a serious project which needs careful preparation and sensible implementation. Equip yourself with essential tool before you start planning to give yourself the best chance of success. Sign up for Start Your Business course today and make it the first step towards your dazzling new future!

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