Chestie AlejandrinoAustralia

I never knew that I can learn so much from rocks and crystals. There are energies that can’t be seen by our sights and require other senses to be felt. This course has taught me a new kind of concept of healing ourselves!

Crystal Healing

Danijela AvramovicSerbia

The course has met my expectations. I learned a lot.

Crystal Healing

Andrew SherriffUnited Kingdom

You are the best place to learn. It was the only place I can find the course I want.

Bartender & Barista Training

Samantha BonhamUnited Kingdom

I have currently completed the forensics course and thoroughly enjoyed it. The modules were very interesting and an easy format to learn for the end of module exams. Support has also been fantastic. I would highly recommend and will be using in the future.

Criminology and Profiling | Forensic Science

Devasena Ramanathan NatarajanAustralia

I have a passion for learning especially on the subject areas unrelated to my current profession (IT professional who wanted to know about Criminology/ Forensic Science). Glad that I got an opportunity to book a course of my interest. More importantly... I could learn things at my own pace especially with my other commitments and it allows me to continue from where I left without any technical glitches. Course contents are framed clearly and exam questions are not as easy as I thought. Now I feel accomplished that I completed the course successfully. I am gonna chase my passion by learning more stuff!! Way to go...!

Criminology and Profiling | Forensic Science

Natalia DziezaCanada

I generally knew what area of field I wanted to work in, but there aren’t many universities/colleges in my area that focus on my interests. Doing courses on here helped me zone in on my interest and renewed the fire in me to work in that field. I enjoyed the content and I definitely got to learn a lot.

Criminology and Profiling | Forensic Science

Fiona Mcphillimy Australia

Thumbs up! I have done my first aid many times before except for the practical part and different countries. I felt it was informative and the same as if I had done a 2 Day first aid course in Australia costing $200-$300. Your course was excellent - much of the info was the same or it's common sense to adapt to Australia.

CPR & First Aid

Melanie KirkhamCanada

Helped me to understand where ESL students are coming from and how best to teach them.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Patsy McDonaldUnited States

I enjoyed it, plus I learned a lot while taking my course, and now I have even more opportunity to apply and get the job in the area of the course that I have taken at International Open Academy. I am well pleased with the course and will recommend it to others.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Vivienne AyoNigeria

I liked the fact that I could save my notes and get back to them when necessary. Additionally, I could access the course through my mobile phone. I enjoyed what I learned. I feel excited about the TESOL certification. It was fast, easy & simple.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Brian MacGregorUnited Kingdom

I can’t begin to explain how great your courses are, but here goes. They are comprehensive, offer up-to-date skills and were very enjoyable. What a fantastic academic institution, the prices are fair and with many approaches to pricing, they really do offer excellent opportunities which are affordable.

120 hour TESOL Certificate | Acne Treatment & Care | ADHD Awareness | American Sign Language | Animal Care | Animal Grooming | Animal Physical Therapy | Animal Psychology | Animal Training & Pet Sitting | Autism Awareness | Bar Management | Bartender & Barista Training | Bike Maintenance | Building Self-Confidence | Building your own Computer | Car Maintenance | Care for Older Adults | Care of the Senior Pet | Careers with Animals | Charity and Fundraising | Contouring and Highlighting Expert | CPR & First Aid | Copywriting

Paddy  GoslynUnited Kingdom

Starting on a new project, late in life, I found the training approach both easy to follow and enjoyable. Sometimes thinking of taking on new learning can be daunting but, once started, it was both fun and fulfilling at the same time.

Furniture Restoration

Marva YoungUnited States

I wanted to get a TESOL certificate to complement the other certificates in ESL I've already received. This course went beyond my expectations and needs. The information was detailed and very easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone trying to get a job teaching in the ESL sector. Thanks International Open Academy!

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Jacques NellSouth Africa

I have completed the course in Animal Physical Therapy, it was a great experience. I believe it can really support me in Africa where we have great interaction with lots of domestic and wild animals.

Animal Physical Therapy

Nadiia PopykUkraine

It was a great experience! Being a professional philologist I did not expect to find out any new information about teaching English. But it turned out that the modules and topics were selected so briefly and logically that they pushed me to read more professional literature on certain aspects. I'm even going to conduct several seminars for teachers on these topics in the English language center where I work. For beginners of English teaching: all the most important information that I had studied for more than five years at the university is collected in one course. Perfect! The Academy team is super! Thank you for your support and opportunities to develop! You are an incredibly modern education platform!

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Lisa AndersUnited Kingdom

I found the course easy to follow and did it around my full-time job and family commitments. It taught me what I thought I knew but didn't.

Nail Technician

Marianella MoralesUnited States

In the past two years I have taken multiple IOA courses. I am a 46-year-old mom and married. I did not know how to get back into the workforce. My health had changed and so did the demands in the work market. I really thought that I was doomed. I began to research positions and decided to let IOA help me find what I am really good at. Today I am an experienced and well-off BRAND AMBASSADOR thanks to IOA. Through your courses, I learned that I was cut out and built to represent clients at various events doing demonstrations, promotions and sales. IOA helped me to update my resume and get the job! I have been working all over NYC at some of the largest events in the Food Industry. Clients love my work and so do I. It fits my lifestyle and my age. I cannot thank IOA enough for this. My work FB page reflects many of my recent events and it is looking good! Thank you.

Autism Awareness | CPR & First Aid | Dyslexia Awareness | Event & Hospitality Management | Event Design & Styling | Food & Beverage Management | Holistic Therapy | Hotel & Catering Management | Introduction to Whole Food Cooking | Networking Events Organizer | Personal Assistant | Physiotherapy Assistant | PR - Public Relations | Special Educational Needs | Speech & Language Specialist

Katerina DalovaRepublic of Macedonia

I actually loved how all of the specific information and sensitive topic was transferred to me. It didn't felt like traditional learning, on the contrary, it was really interesting and profound. Great tips, well-adjusted and organized, so everyone can easily come to a conclusion and overall, I like the fact that I now have views from all the different angles in this matter.

Care for Older Adults

Jane Llewellyn-JonesUnited Kingdom

I enjoyed the course and found the learning sections easy to follow. Good clear layout with great photos throughout. The content was exactly what I was looking for and I am now much more confident in my chosen subject. I would recommend this course.

120 hour TESOL Certificate | Pet First Aid & CPR

Aileen PayoPhilippines

I really learned a lot and it has helped me gain additional knowledge and skills that I can impart to all my students of different levels and nationalities. I want to extend my gratitude to International Open Academy for the great courses and programs. It’s definitely worth studying and learning new skills. Looking forward to more courses to study and learn. Thank you very much.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Norlila EdilMalaysia

I was happy and satisfied with your course because it helped me improve my career and realize my dream to help other people to improve their skills.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Jacinta FordAustralia

The special education course was clear, concise and covered a great amount of information. It was practical with useful information about how to assist children and young adults.

Special Educational Needs

Tameka  MooreUnited States

I really enjoyed this course, it taught me a lot, I really didn’t think I was going to get the full effect of the course but I did.

Dental Assistant

Kavon RueterUnited States

I am impressed with the content of the TESOL 120 hour course. What I learned is significant and useful information that will help me be a more effective teacher. I am amazed, because one of my colleagues is taking a two-year course at our local university. Her cost for that 124 hour program is 40 times more expensive; this does not include a scholarship that covers 90% of her cost. In addition, she is unable to choose her own schedule. The information she is learning is practically identical to the course I took at IOA. Why would anyone incur the expense and time at a university, when IOA is so affordable and flexible?

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Liezel SmitSouth Africa

The course was challenging though extremely informative. It is a stepping stone to the business opportunity I want and a certificate behind your name is always recommended.

120 hour TESOL Certificate | Accounting & Bookkeeping | How to Create Income Generating Online Courses | Wordpress Website & Blog Builder

Mustapha KhayatiMorocco

With my bachelor's degree in English language and TESOL certificate, I feel that I have equipped myself to start looking for a teaching position anywhere in the world. IOA is the right place to start any course you desire.

120 hour TESOL Certificate | CPR & First Aid | Hotel & Catering Management

Stephen JewellUnited Kingdom

Spurred me to think outside the box. User-friendly website, easy to access. Clear concise instructions. In-depth subject knowledge.

Dog Behavior & Training

Penelope Green-DaleyJamaica

I thoroughly enjoyed this course - my first online experience. The content was user-friendly with a good balance of text and pictures. As a teacher of English Language and Literature, the material afforded an excellent refresher. Great job IOA!

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Margarita ProdanovaRussian Federation

Recently I’ve got the TESOL course and I’m really happy that I finally did it! I have a linguistic bachelor degree and this course fully completes my education for now. This TESOL course helped me to remember theoretical English grammar, also I found many tips for good teachers and places where I can find work. Thank you IOA for this wonderful course!

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Matttastic 0United States

I enjoyed this course. It was straightforward and easy to complete. Thanks to this course I was able to apply for my dream career and have been hired!

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Sande GanSingapore

Due to a lack of time in my busy lifestyle, this course has helped me to learn more as I able to study anywhere and any time as long as there's wifi. Learning became so easy and time-saving.

Personal Assistant

Freddy Castillo Chile

I had a great experience with you guys. Thank you very much for helping me increase my ability to speak good English.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Makaranon WichaiphanUnited States

Spending time with IOA has made me feel happy. I found many more interesting and challenging courses. I like all of them. Thanks.

CPR & First Aid | Holistic Therapy | Physiotherapy Assistant | Special Educational Needs

Ikrame SelkaniMorocco

It’s a very good course and the content is so clear. I recommend this course.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Sasha GreenAustralia

Since taking your course, not only have I built my resume further but I have renewed self-confidence in my resume and myself. Thank you IOA.

Accounting & Bookkeeping | Business Pricing Strategies | Criminal Psychology | Forensic Science | HR & Payroll Management | Physiotherapy Assistant

Pablo PerezMexico

I thought I had it all down. But after studying this course I learned so much. It was easy but very educating. Now I'm certified! This has opened many doors. This has been my best investment so far! Now I have a greater thirst for knowledge.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Bonnie Dunn-CarverCanada

The TESOL course was well written, flowed well, and easy to navigate. It was very interesting to learn how I, myself, learn. It was an enjoyable learning experience, kept me interested, and I looked forward to each module.

120 hour TESOL Certificate | American Sign Language

Guillaume VaccaFrance

I really had a great time studying with IOA! The course was clear, straight to the point yet detailed, and it was easy to read, study and learn.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Marilyn ShawCanada

Taking the TESOL course at IOA has been a huge success. Obtaining my honors certificate after finishing this online course has given me the boost I needed to take other courses. I have recommended IOA to friends and I will definitely take more courses with IOA.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Olivia  WahlUnited States

I knew almost nothing before this course about sign language and now I know lots of signs, grammar, etiquette, and more.

American Sign Language

Michelle GordonAustralia

Taught me a lot of things I thought I may have known but apparently only knew half. Excellent choice of courses, so simple to start and read at your own pace. Fantastic, highly recommend and will be doing more courses with IOA.

Accounting & Bookkeeping | Bridal & Special Occasions Makeup | Criminology and Profiling | Forensic Science | Nail Technician

Marg StrandCanada

I have a better understanding of ASL. My grandparents were both deaf and mute. One was French and the other was English so it was difficult for them to communicate and my mom had a hard time speaking to her parents.

American Sign Language | American Sign Language: Level 2

Gemms BassUnited Kingdom

As the owner of a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service, I was looking for a refresher to a Practical Pet First Aid course I completed several years ago. I was impressed with the format and content of the Pet First Aid and CPR course. It is a course I would recommend to anyone who works with dogs or is new to dog ownership. Having completed this course, I have since purchased another and look forward to starting that soon.

Animal Grooming | Animal Physical Therapy | Dog Behavior & Training | Pet First Aid & CPR | Pet Nutrition

Margaret  Weti Australia

Thoroughly enjoyed the course because I took it with me everywhere I went. Very accessible, easy to understand.

Accounting & Bookkeeping | Business Pricing Strategies | HR & Payroll Management

Esther ChouUnited States

I enjoyed learning my online ASL level 1 course with IOA. The course was very easy to follow, especially with video demonstrations.

American Sign Language

Malorie WarnerUnited States

Thank you for the amazing course and experience. This got me excited and ready to start my new career path!

American Sign Language | American Sign Language: Level 2

jeanette powellUnited States

IOA has an easy-to-use platform that makes learning and obtaining general knowledge easy to do.

American Sign Language | American Sign Language: Level 2 | Autism Awareness | Dyslexia Awareness | HR & Payroll Management

Yolanda United States

The courses are very easy to understand and follow. The tests are short and sweet, and really help you remember what you've read. I’ve enjoyed all of the courses I've taken so far.

Feng Shui Interior Design | Home Decor & Refurbishment | Interior Design & Home Styling

Kevin MartinIreland

The course was awesome. I appreciated the fact that you can go through as much or as little of every section as you would like. Also as it’s just you, you are not under pressure to perform and have nobody taking up time distracting you.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Aimee-jo'anne StantonUnited Kingdom

The course was easy to access which makes learning at your own pace easy. I feel it will help me improve the work I already do teaching speech and language link to children. I have learnt a lot more about what issues may affect someone’s speech and language skills.

Speech & Language Specialist

Grace Bayron-PabuaQatar

It was the management in our office who directed me to the course you offered. There were a lot of things that were mentioned through the course that made the career I'm currently into much clearer. It made me understand more my role. Learning was easy and accessible.

Dental Assistant

Ethan SmithUnited States

I learned a lot! It has been my goal to teach ESL for years and this course has brought me one step closer! I am very happy I took the course, it’s so worth it!

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Helen BritvinaRussian Federation

Thanks a lot! I've learnt a lot of useful information which I'll apply during my lessons! I'm working as a TESOL teacher in one of the Language Schools in Russia. All the information and knowledge I can apply. The course was very interesting and rich, containing a lot of materials on pedagogy and psychology, lexicology, as well as grammar, phonetics, listening, writing and reading.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Jasmin HandschinMexico

IOA is amazing! I have learned so much! And they give you the opportunity with so many different courses! The courses aren't too expensive and therefore it's a great way to learn something! I've had a lot of fun studying and practicing! Thank you very much IOA.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Lindsey  WhitakerUnited States

IOA offered easy-to-follow learning modules that I was able to complete at my leisure. It saved my progress and I was able to go back and reread lessons that I needed clarification on.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Kim ShelleyUnited States

Having a Special Education certificate already, I took the Autism Awareness class as a refresher. I was pleasantly surprised by how much new information and up-to-date research there was in this course. Thanks for a beneficial and affordable class. I've already started my next course!

120 hour TESOL Certificate | Accounting & Bookkeeping | Acne Treatment & Care | ADHD Awareness | Adobe InDesign | Adobe Lightroom | American Sign Language | American Sign Language: Level 2 | Animal Care | Animal Grooming | Animal Physical Therapy | Animal Psychology | Animal Training & Pet Sitting | Autism Awareness | Baby Shower Party Planner | Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Planning | Bar Management | Bartender & Barista Training | Beauty Party Planner | Bike Maintenance | Bridal & Special Occasions Makeup | Building Self-Confidence

Satania MildrenUnited Kingdom

I love the hair course. I am now qualified in two things I love doing.

Extensions & Hair Styling | Nail Technician

Ela O'neilUnited Kingdom

The Nail Technician course is perfect for beginners and a great way to get some knowledge about basics before going for a practical course.

Nail Technician

Donald EvansThailand

Great value!! Taught me a lot about a new career I am getting into.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Raeesah WaqiaUnited States

I love how simple and straightforward the information is. It makes learning fun.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Archie Robles BalidaChina

I was able to reflect not just on my Teaching & Learning style but also on Classroom Management through its modules which are very comprehensive and helpful. I also appreciate the course consultant's helpfulness assisting me with my concerns right away. I have learned a lot from the entire course modules & I am very pleased to finish my TESOL course in IOA.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Cynthia GrohUnited States

Classroom Management had so many good ideas and it explained a lot of what I have experienced in the classroom and was spot on with what works and WHY it works.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Trista DahlbergUnited States

So happy I did this. Best decision. So fast and easy even with a special needs 7-year-old in my ear the whole time :)

Autism Awareness | Dyslexia Awareness | Special Educational Needs

Rosemary  Villatoro United States

I love IOA. I have finished many courses and will continue to do so as I have tried other online schools and this one is #1. Modules are easy to comprehend and the exams are not easy so be sure to study! Good luck on your new journey!

Autism Awareness | Criminology and Profiling | Dyslexia Awareness | Forensic Science | Special Educational Needs

Stefanie Ann MedinaUnited States

Loved the course! Very thorough and informative, with a very effective setup to enable students to succeed.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Jennifer WalkerUnited States

Great way to get the TESOL Certification! Took me about a week of study in my free time. Helped me get a job that I was really wanting.

120 hour TESOL Certificate | American Sign Language | American Sign Language: Level 2 | Speech & Language Specialist

Samantha Melissa SargentUnited Kingdom

Loved this course! When I started I never knew a thing about cars or what was under the hood and what it is for. I can fit the course around my time, whenever.

Car Maintenance

Storm TyersUnited Kingdom

I’ve managed to do 2 courses so far in animal care, and animal behaviour & pet sitting. I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it. Easy to study and answer questions. I learnt much more than I thought I would.

Animal Care | Animal Training & Pet Sitting

Tequila CheathamUnited States

I learned a lot about the culture of deaf people, and basic words to use. I can now hold a basic conversation with someone within the deaf community. I love connecting with people, and the course put me on the path to do just that.

American Sign Language

Nadia perry United Kingdom

Being a single parent of three young children, I couldn’t imagine myself finding the time to sit and study. IOA courses are informative, convenient and easy to access. The fact I could use my iPhone to complete the course made it that more convenient as I was able to fit in study time whenever I had some spare time, no matter where I was.

Wicca for the Modern Age

Shamarrah MasonUnited States

I learned a lot from the course I completed and I’m most definitely thinking about purchasing more courses. Liked the most - the easy-to-read passages and the quizzes.

Autism Awareness | Car Maintenance | Special Educational Needs

Rachel RowbottomCanada

I chose to train with IOA, because I had heard good reviews of it, and also because it is affordable! I have learned a lot about the basics and fundamentals of Sign Language. International Open Academy has given me enough knowledge to have confidence as a beginner, and to build on.

American Sign Language

Katerina Mohd aliAustralia

It is more convenient for me to study online anywhere, anytime, considering my family commitments and I find the quality of teaching materials are excellent. Doing the TESOL course was my first step towards a new career. Completing this course motivates me to learn more and implement my newly-acquired knowledge.

120 hour TESOL Certificate | How to Create Income Generating Online Courses

Johara LopezCanada

The information from my course helped me gain more knowledge I needed for my new job. I have experience but having more information is key. Will highly recommend to my friends and family. Looking forward to another course.

American Sign Language

Janelle PierceNA

Absolutely thrilled with my decision to pursue a course of training through IOA! So many amazing elements have come from my experience so far. Being able to do it at my own pace is such a huge bonus. It is challenging and fun! A good decision for anyone!

American Sign Language | American Sign Language: Level 2

Connie  DunwoodyUnited States

This course was excellent. I actually loved what I learned. I do believe that I can take what was learned and put it into motion. I am going to try and complete my application for VIPKIDS. I would love to work internationally.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Anna  OsbeckNA

The 120-hour TESOL certificate course was perfect for online teaching. The course met all of my expectations. The support staff at IOA was quick to resolve the one small hiccup I had very quickly and had excellent follow up. I know that the next time I need a course, I will make IOA my first place to look.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Adil DhananiCanada

The course refreshed my memory on ASL and allowed me to practice my skills before making use of them in real life.

American Sign Language | American Sign Language: Level 2 | Food & Beverage Management

Steven KramerNA

Sign language changes lives for the Deaf and hearing, so I'm grateful you have an ASL class!

American Sign Language: Level 2

Alyssa ElmoreUnited States

IOA had courses on subjects I wanted to study for a reasonable price. I gained knowledge and am able to turn it into experience.

120 hour TESOL Certificate | Criminology and Profiling | Special Educational Needs

Marianella MoralesUnited States

I am 45 years old now and going back to school is not an option for me at this time. I needed to take something that would help me get a good scope of my options in the work force and make it easier for me to understand the expectations and demands of my choices. This was heaven sent and it has helped me to transition to where I want to be today.

Autism Awareness | CPR & First Aid | Dyslexia Awareness | Event & Hospitality Management | Event Design & Styling | Food & Beverage Management | Holistic Therapy | Hotel & Catering Management | Physiotherapy Assistant | PR - Public Relations | Special Educational Needs | Speech & Language Specialist

Beverly CelestainUnited States

This course has already been a 100% total success and experience! I love this course and will sign up for more soon! Thanks for the continued encouragement!

American Sign Language

Tam Van WykAustralia

The simple layout of the course enabled me to absorb the information easily and ensured I had a full understanding of what I was learning. The practice questions were helpful in preparing me for the exam questions for each section. All in all, a comprehensive and well executed course. Highly recommended.

Event & Hospitality Management

Saloua SebbanMorocco

Great service! Though it's online, I was so surprised how fast and efficient the service is! Very helpful, reasonable prices, and the best among all! I have taken 5 courses and planning to buy more! Recommendation? Yes, 100%!

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Takeerah ArnoldUnited States

Wonderful experience and opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn a new language! Highly recommended!

American Sign Language

Melissa MoakeUnited States

I grew up knowing some signs before I could talk but I lost a lot of it over the years. This course was a great refresher and it taught me a lot I didn't know! The video presentations were great and taught me how important facial expressions and body language are to the language! I have a better understanding of ASL now than I did before I took it.

American Sign Language

Marie BrownUnited States

It gave me some ideas of how to better help ESL students, and creative ways to approach learning English.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Kiya ChildersUnited States

The support team has helped me and even congratulated me once I finished the course which was something I wasn't expecting; but it was nice to feel like you had friend that helped you accomplish something that you've wanted to do.

CPR & First Aid | American Sign Language

Alyssa LopezUnited States

Course modules are very informative I am currently taking a Special Needs course (I work as a Sub in my local school district for SEN students). I learned so much more than I would from just working with the students. I got a better understanding so I know how to approach them and teach them better.

Special Educational Needs

Nadine TatarynCanada

The course was well laid out and the instructions were made clear for easy following. Therefore, I was able to absorb all this new information in a timely manner to be successful. I now feel confident in being able to communicate positively with someone in the Deaf community. I will definitely have to continue practicing my new language, but this course has development an awareness about the Deaf community and has given me the desire to continue learning and practicing. The videos were excellent.

American Sign Language

Terry KelseyCanada

I am still in the process of completing ASL, but I am really enjoying it. I took an ASL course before where the instructor who was deaf mainly showed us the alphabet and conversational movements. This course also deals with the history of ASL which is information I never knew. Thank you.

American Sign Language

Christopher StocksUnited States

IOA asks of every student, what every college in the world should, but doesn’t necessarily: to hold one’s self accountable. They present you with the information, provided by industry and business professionals, scholars in many diverse disciplines, and it’s up to you to absorb and retain. And the good thing is, you can do it at your leisure, so there’s no excuses. Choose your course today. Take control of your future. And have fun.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Anzel du PlessisSouth Africa

I came across the course, and as a teacher, I know that I will have some students in 2017 that have dyslexia and adhd. I was certain that this course could help me be a better teacher. Studying with you has been convenient, informative, and any questions were answered really fast. I've learned a lot about the different educational needs my learners can have, and it has made me more aware of issues relating to my learners.

Special Educational Needs

Alice WoodruffUnited States

I was so excited about taking this course and I have loved every minute of it. Thank you for making this so easy for me. I am a mom of two small kids and my time is limited.

Criminology and Profiling | Forensic Science

Catherine HolmesUnited Kingdom

Fantastic way to study in your own home, especially if you have kids. It enables me to start as soon as the kids are in bed & fit it around my family life, fantastic :-)

Autism Awareness | CPR & First Aid | Dyslexia Awareness

Irene SpogterSouth Africa

I was kept motivated...time frame was good as I was able to push myself. Felt a sense of pride when I completed. Overall the course was well designed and I am now motivated more than ever to continue with other studies.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Sivaneswary Sateyen SelenMalaysia

International Open Academy's courses are really good to improve our skills and bring us to the next level in our career.

Dyslexia Awareness | Special Educational Needs

Olesja LovcinovskaUnited Kingdom

I really enjoyed my Interior Design course. I wasn't sure about an online course in general, so the International Open Academy was the first experience and I loved it so much. I loved every minute studying my course with a cup of coffee, making some notes after every Module. Thank you so much for the opportunity and also the idea of online studying in general. Thank you.

Interior Design & Home Styling

Katie PalacskoIreland

I really liked the freedom of time for learning and no pressure for exams, all in our time.

Holistic Therapy | How to Create Income Generating Online Courses | Physiotherapy Assistant

Lisa AndersUnited Kingdom

I found the course easy to follow and did it around my full-time job and family commitments. It taught me what I thought I knew but didn't.

Nail Technician

Pablo PerezMexico

I thought I had it all down. But after studying this course I learned so much. It was easy but very educating. Now I'm certified! This has opened many doors. This has been my best investment so far! Now I have a greater thirst for knowledge.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Connie  DunwoodyUnited States

This course was excellent. I actually loved what I learned. I do believe that I can take what was learned and put it into motion. I am going to try and complete my application for VIPKIDS. I would love to work internationally.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Jeanna M Lewis StalcupUnited States

I did just love the course on car maintenance. It was quite informative for me and I recommend it for every lady out there who pays the bills. Especially ladies who want to be able to go to a service shop and feel like they can actually communicate with the service tech. Usually I go there and can get easily mislead. But now, I can stand my own ground so to speak. Like i stated, great informative and empowering course for myself and for women of all types and backgrounds.

Car Maintenance

Kim United States

Absolutely course for my career needs. With a BA already, this certificate is perfect for my future goals. The curriculum is well-crafted and meaningful. I can't tell express how grateful I am to have found IOA. Thank you!! I will be a lifetime learner with IOA.

120 hour TESOL Certificate | Accounting & Bookkeeping | Microsoft Word | Special Educational Needs | Speech & Language Specialist

krystaljonesUnited States

Excellent purchase! Easy to understand each module and the organization of everything makes this course very user friendly.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Missy ShellyUnited States

IOA gives the specific classes that I need, when I need them. I love that.

Screen & Playwriting

Yasar OzkanTurkey

I highly recommend this to everyone, thanks.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Kirsty BarrettNA

Very grateful you took great care and time to look at all aspects rather than just the surface issue. This shows the calibre of a business who really care and I can say that of IOA. You will find I recommend companies who care about those they work with so I can definitely say I will recommend yourselves.

American Sign Language

Jeweline StillUnited States

Easy to use and understand, very informative!! A great introduction to basic signs and to deaf culture and history!

American Sign Language

Margaret GamezUnited States

I took your TESOL certification course a while back, and was very satisfied with it. I was also quite pleased that my supervisor accepted the certificate as fulfillment of the recently implemented certification requirement at the school where I have been teaching for 26 years.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Tina EarlUnited States

I've just finished up Criminology and Profiling. I'm am now about to start Forensic Science. I am so excited I have a way to be a mom and go to school. Thank you

Criminology and Profiling | Forensic Science

Jane MacdonaldNew Zealand

There are a number of things I do in my everyday job that I do without truly understanding why. This course has given and is giving me a deeper understanding of what I do. I work with 5 - 7 year olds focusing on literacy so this course is really relevant even though I do not work with any child with diagnosed dyslexia, we use a number of strategies within this course every day.

Dyslexia Awareness

Peter RowbottomCanada

I like how IOA makes things easy to understand and their courses get right to the most important and useful information. That knowledge can be used right away in the relevant line of work. I learned so much from this course. The courses are designed to present the most helpful information in a concise manner. The Dyslexia course was very well put together with lots of practical application and advice on how to put the learning into action

Dyslexia Awareness


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