Terry KelseyCanada

I am still in the process of completing ASL, but I am really enjoying it. I took an ASL course before where the instructor who was deaf mainly showed us the alphabet and conversational movements. This course also deals with the history of ASL which is information I never knew. Thank you.

American Sign Language

Anzel du PlessisSouth Africa

I came across the course, and as a teacher, I know that I will have some students in 2017 that have dyslexia and adhd. I was certain that this course could help me be a better teacher. Studying with you has been convenient, informative, and any questions were answered really fast. I've learned a lot about the different educational needs my learners can have, and it has made me more aware of issues relating to my learners.

Special Educational Needs

Nadine TatarynCanada

The course was well laid out and the instructions were made clear for easy following. Therefore, I was able to absorb all this new information in a timely manner to be successful. I now feel confident in being able to communicate positively with someone in the Deaf community. I will definitely have to continue practicing my new language, but this course has development an awareness about the Deaf community and has given me the desire to continue learning and practicing. The videos were excellent.

American Sign Language

Maria HuberIreland

I loved these course and I feel that I learned a lot from them. These courses will be instrumental in my future success for a long while to come. I would recommend to anyone to take an IOA course

Physiotherapy Assistant | Make Up Artistry

Lee WilsonUnited States

Now that I've completed the Wine Appreciation course, I would love to take additional courses from you to build on the knowledge that I've received to date.

Wine Appreciation

Jessica MoniUnited Kingdom

I enjoy having the ability to complete coursework at my own pace. I am very happy with the courses and my family, friends and co-workers all agree that my Makeup Artistry skills have improved since completing the courses.

Make Up Artistry

Fabio BurkeFrance

I've just finished my Bartender Barista course and have enjoyed it immensely. I would highly recommend this course, which is high quality, very informative and easy to follow.

Bartender & Barista Training

Christopher StocksUnited States

IOA asks of every student, what every college in the world should, but doesn’t necessarily: to hold one’s self accountable. They present you with the information, provided by industry and business professionals, scholars in many diverse disciplines, and it’s up to you to absorb and retain. And the good thing is, you can do it at your leisure, so there’s no excuses. Choose your course today. Take control of your future. And have fun.

120 hour TESOL Certificate

Peter RowbottomCanada

I like how IOA makes things easy to understand and their courses get right to the most important and useful information. That knowledge can be used right away in the relevant line of work. I learned so much from this course. The courses are designed to present the most helpful information in a concise manner. The Dyslexia course was very well put together with lots of practical application and advice on how to put the learning into action

Dyslexia Therapist


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