Project Management

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Project Management

Would you like to lead a team as a project manager? Or be a dynamic member of a project team?

Plan a rewarding career

Project management is one of the most rapidly growing professions in recent years. Good project managers are highly sought after in many sectors. It’s a thoroughly rewarding occupation, as long as you’re well prepared to tackle a project before you begin.

Project initiation, planning, execution and delivery

There are many specific skills involved in the efficient and successful execution of any project. This comprehensive training prepares you to confidently manage all aspects of project management:

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  • Overview of project outline and aims
  • Planning and scheduling lifecycle of project
  • Structure of project team
  • Identification and procurement of resources
  • Cooperative and collaborative relationships with stakeholders
  • Defining action groups; scheduling & sequencing tasks
  • Executing and delivering project objectives
  • Managing effective communication

Think like a project manager

Taking on a challenging project can be daunting and we understand what it feels like before you start:

How will I know what it takes to complete a project on time?

What can I put in place to make sure the project stays within budget?

What if things change mid-project?

Are there typical pitfalls or risks I should watch out for?

How do I keep my team engaged and motivated?

The IOA answers these questions with grounded, proven, practical methods and strategies which will help you understand how to approach every project. You’ll feel prepared and able to deal with the initiation, planning, execution, assessment and completion of your projects, confidently.

Put your hand up for projects!

There are countless opportunities for good project leaders and team members. Use IOA training to become a competent project head that will inspire confidence in employers to hand things over to you.

Start thinking for yourself today!

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