Project Management

Project Management

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Think like a project manager

Taking on a challenging project can be daunting and we understand what it feels like before you start:

How will I know what it takes to complete a project on time?

What can I put in place to make sure the project stays within budget?

What if things change mid-project?

Are there typical pitfalls or risks I should watch out for?

How do I keep my team engaged and motivated?

The IOA answers these questions with grounded, proven, practical methods and strategies which will help you understand how to approach every project. You’ll feel prepared and able to deal with the initiation, planning, execution, assessment and completion of your projects, confidently.

Put your hand up for projects!

There are countless opportunities for good project leaders and team members. Use IOA training to become a competent project head that will inspire confidence in employers to hand things over to you.

Start thinking for yourself today!


Module 1: Project management overview
  • Project outline and aims – scope, schedule and resources
  • Structure of project team – knowledge bank + process groups
  • Project management plan
Module 2: Stakeholders
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Understanding stakeholders interests & expectations
  • Managing stakeholder engagement
Module 3: The team
  • Role and responsibilities of the project leader
  • Identifying & engaging necessary team roles
  • Management of the team
Module 4: Project scope
  • Defining the scope of the overall project
  • Defining action groups and individual scope of each
  • Management of project scope
Module 5: Project schedule and tasks
  • Understand project lifecycle
  • Defining, planning, scheduling & sequencing tasks
  • Development of project schedule
  • Gannt chart
Module 6: Project communications
  • Understand how to structure lines of communication
  • Managing project communication
Module 7: Risk
  • Identify and plan for possible risk, including positive
  • Typical risk potential
  • Managing risk and how to respond
Module 8: Budget & resources
  • Understand elements of a project costing & how to estimate
  • Identify necessary resources, both inherited and external
  • Make a resource list – people/equipment/facilities
  • Use costs prediction & resources to estimate overall budget
  • Managing project costs
Module 9: The project in action
  • Morale – team building, integrating, lifecycle
  • Decision making – strategy; planning and execution; team decisions; stakeholder decisions
  • Team meetings – types and functions
  • Accountability – ensuring successful completion of tasks, within schedule and budget
Module 10: Managing the project schedule
  • Estimation of actual activity time span
  • Assessment of resources, costs or time
  • Adjustment of scope, schedules or resources as needed
  • Measuring accuracy of estimates
Module 11: Completion
  • Managing and finalizing project external resources
  • Stakeholder engagement and acceptance
  • Project review


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