Project Management

Project Management
Module 1: Project management overview
  • Project outline and aims – scope, schedule and resources
  • Structure of project team – knowledge bank + process groups
  • Project management plan
Module 2: Stakeholders
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Understanding stakeholders interests & expectations
  • Managing stakeholder engagement
Module 3: The team
  • Role and responsibilities of the project leader
  • Identifying & engaging necessary team roles
  • Management of the team
Module 4: Project scope
  • Defining the scope of the overall project
  • Defining action groups and individual scope of each
  • Management of project scope
Module 5: Project schedule and tasks
  • Understand project lifecycle
  • Defining, planning, scheduling & sequencing tasks
  • Development of project schedule
  • Gannt chart
Module 6: Project communications
  • Understand how to structure lines of communication
  • Managing project communication
Module 7: Risk
  • Identify and plan for possible risk, including positive
  • Typical risk potential
  • Managing risk and how to respond
Module 8: Budget & resources
  • Understand elements of a project costing & how to estimate
  • Identify necessary resources, both inherited and external
  • Make a resource list – people/equipment/facilities
  • Use costs prediction & resources to estimate overall budget
  • Managing project costs
Module 9: The project in action
  • Morale – team building, integrating, lifecycle
  • Decision making – strategy; planning and execution; team decisions; stakeholder decisions
  • Team meetings – types and functions
  • Accountability – ensuring successful completion of tasks, within schedule and budget
Module 10: Managing the project schedule
  • Estimation of actual activity time span
  • Assessment of resources, costs or time
  • Adjustment of scope, schedules or resources as needed
  • Measuring accuracy of estimates
Module 11: Completion
  • Managing and finalizing project external resources
  • Stakeholder engagement and acceptance
  • Project review


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