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The Italian 1. Non c'è problema! course consists of 12 extensive lessons that include 2,500 grammar and vocabulary exercises to learn 1,000 words and expressions. Each lesson is based on working with dialogues and texts, reading and listening comprehension, and mastering new vocabulary. The SuperMemo method organises the repetition process so that the information is reviewed with optimum timing. The course also contains commentaries and grammar sections. The author's explanations are clear and to the point, and are followed with a series of drills and consolidation tasks for quick and intuitive learning of grammar. The entire material of the course has been recorded by Italian native speakers.


Each lesson contains the following sections:

  • Dialoghi – dialogues and texts that present vocabulary and structures in context
  • Parole e espressioni nuove – lists of new words and expressions to learn
  • Grammatica – grammar explanations
  • Commenti – language and cultural commentaries
  • Esercizi – vocabulary and grammar exercises


Sample vocabulary subjects:

  • Greetings and polite phrases
  • Introducing oneself, one’s family and friends
  • Describing one’s origin and place of living
  • Talking about how one feels at a given moment
  • Describing one’s profession
  • Giving the time
  • Talking about daily routines and schedules
  • Meeting friends and making arrangements
  • Holidays and sports
  • Talking about the weather
  • Asking about the way and giving directions
  • Describing one’s look, body parts and health complaints
  • Formulating requests and invitations
  • Expressing joy
  • Making, accepting and rejecting proposals


Sample grammar subjects:

  • Pronouns (personal, possessive, demonstrative)
  • Verb forms in the present, past and future tenses
  • Singular, plural and feminine forms of nouns
  • Asking questions
  • Articles
  • Simple and contracted prepositions
  • Modal verbs
  • Cardinal numbers
  • The stare + gerundio structure
  • Conditional and imperative moods
  • The ne and ci particles

Italian 1. Non c'è problema! is an Italian course aimed at English speakers who would like to learn Italian at the basic level or brush up their elementary language skills. When you have finished the course, you will be able to communicate in Italian in simple everyday situations. The scope of the vocabulary and grammar subjects in the course corresponds to the A1-A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

To receive certification, you must:

  1. Complete every page of the course
  2. Score at least 55% on the exam at the end of the course
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$ 24

  • Instant Free PDF Certificate
  • 24/7 Access
  • 2500 Students Enrolled
  • 40 Study Hours
  • 60 Days to complete the course