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Home Makeover

Transform any home into a stylish and delightful haven that works for your life. Learn how to carry out improvements, redecorate and design your personal space with expertise, impressing friends and increasing its value significantly. ....

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Create Online Freelance Income

This course is crammed with skills you can use to redirect your life and finances. Learn how to set up a website & blog and how to create passive income by creating online courses. If you’re ready for more, learn the skills to be a virtual assistant. We could hardly pack in more! ....

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Launch and Grow your Business

If you’re serious about getting a business off the ground, we’re seriously behind you. Learn all the solid basics in setting up and marketing your new idea. You’ll know how to create a website, use cost-free and clever PR and establish well thought out pricing structures. ....

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Broaden Your Horizons

Are you looking to discover new passions? Everyone has a story to tell, and writing is a rewarding activity that can translate into a fulfilling career. Unleash your creativity and give your imagination the tools it needs to translate great thoughts into compelling written work. Perhaps you'd ....

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Small Business Owner

Small business owners know the deal – there’s nothing “small” about the work involved in getting a business off the ground. But what happens when you just don’t know how to get everything done? Our Small Business Owner course is a practical guide for new owners, budding entrepreneurs, or ....

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