Creative Sewing & Crafts Teacher

Price $ 299 | 50 Hrs

Creative Sewing & Crafts Teacher

Is your creativity lying quietly inside you, under expressed? Schools generally don’t put much emphasis on nurturing innate creativity. If you’re a creative person, this can lead to a vague feeling of discontentment or restlessness. Many people have huge potential for artistic expression that just needs to be awakened.
Giving your creativity freedom to grow is enormously rewarding, enriching and fulfilling. Taking this course gives you the vehicle for creative expression and the potential to gain extra reward by teaching others.

Sewing and home craft making are undergoing a revival.

Once you’ve mastered the techniques in this course, you can help others to reach their creative potential by getting groups together and teaching what you know. We prepare you to help others understand and practice new, rewarding skills. It’s an additional way to boost your income and also gives exposure for your own completed art works.

Learn from an expert, experienced teacher.

This course is written by a teacher of crafts to all ages with many years experience. You’ll learn invaluable strategies for relaying your knowledge and skills to others. It’s packed with tips on things like motivating students, identifying levels of skill & need and monitoring performance. You’ll feel confident to lead group workshops or give individual tuition. Safe use of materials and utilities in workshops is clearly explained along with invaluable advice on dealing with behaviour issues with children, like using storytelling and instilling good habits and routines.

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The variety of skills you’ll learn allows for your own artistic personality to explore which area gives you most fulfilment. Maybe you’ll excel at all techniques. Seeing your truly wonderful, individual and creative finished pieces will make your spirit soar!

  • The TEDDY BEAR has a unique place in society, warmly welcomed into hearts worldwide. Watch video clips of the trickiest parts of bear making and read step by step instructions that will lead you comfortably through the whole project. Is there a bear in you waiting to be born? Or maybe thousands?!
  • SILK PAINTING - easy to master, stunning creations. Create mesmerising visual effects with a limitless ability to play with colour. We’ll talk you through the preparation, tools, techniques and finishing skills you need to complete stunning works of art in your own home.
  • DECOUPAGE - decorative finishes that transform ordinary items or furniture. Turn boring items into highly prized objects. Tools and materials needed are simple and inexpensive. Become an expert in no time with step by step instructions and video footage of decoupage in action.
  • ENGRAVED GLASS is universally loved as an adornment in homes, for prizes and as a gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Learn to create stunning finishes on glass pieces that could lead to a glittering future!
  • If you love the warm, reassuring look and feel of PATCHWORK, indulge in learning the skills involved. There are endless possibilities for patchwork art. A two level instruction guide shows you how to complete eye catching designs.

Enjoy learning these valuable skills and techniques in your own environment, at times that suit your schedule. You can be producing works of art or running classes sooner than you think! Get started right away – sign up today!

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