PR - Public Relations

PR - Public Relations
Module 1: PR 101: Public Relations and Human Relations
  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Making Friends vs. Making Contacts
  • Connecting with Journalists
Module 2: Creating a PR Strategy
  • What a PR Strategy Is& Why You Need One
  • Research
  • Setting Goals
  • Speaking to Your Audience
  • Finding and Using the Right Channels
  • Measuring Your Results
Module 3: PR Tools
  • Tools to Reach the Media
  • Tools to Measure Success
  • Building a Media Calendar
Module 4: Building Your Press Kit
  • What You Need in Your Press Kit
  • How to Create a Media Release
  • How to Choose Press Photos
  • Compiling an FAQ Sheet
  • A Guide to Including Videos
Module 5: Creating Your Brand’s Story
  • Storytelling
  • Product, Purpose and Passion
  • How to Think Like a Journalist
  • How to Create Stories the Media Will Love


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