How to find the right TESOL job?

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How to find the right TESOL jobs?

You’ve completed your TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) training and now it’s time find a job. But where can you get a TESOL job? You’ve done your research. You’ve narrowed it down to a few cities or countries that really seem to have what you’re looking for on the non-career side of your life. Now you just need to find that job.

You type in “TESOL job” to your old friend, Google, and about a million hits come up. Ugh! This doesn’t help. But, the list that we have should point you in the right direction to find a TESOL job that’s a good fit for you.

How to find the right TESOL jobs?

TESOL JOBS- How to get them?

My first stop would be I love that when you first arrive on their homepage you can immediately click on “Job Seekers” – no digging through several layers of web pages to find what you are looking for.

Now, TEFL has two great options under the “Job Seekers” heading (there’s actually several options, but I’m going to talk about the first two). The first option is “Search Jobs.”

With this option you can input criteria that you are looking for: country, type of position, whether you are looking for summer only position, etc. Then, with a quick click of the search button, TEFL will show you jobs that fit your parameters.

The second option I love under “Job Seekers” is “View on Map.” When you pull up the map, you will have the option to input a few select pieces of information to narrow your search, otherwise, you can start clicking on the virtual pushpins to see what is available in, for example, Southeast Asia.

Multiple jobs may be listed under each pin and a simple click on “View Details” will give you all the necessary information, including how to apply.

The next place you might trying looking is at, but I’m going to direct you to a specific portion of the website, as I don’t find this site as easy to navigate as others.

In order to search for TESOL positions, click here. Scroll down the page and you can easily do a search to see what jobs are currently available. Additionally, you can quickly apply for these jobs by filling out the form located in the right side-bar which allows you to attach your resume/CV and two additional documents.

Dave’s ESL Cafe is the next stop if you are looking for a TESOL/TEFL position. Dave’s website is not fancy as some of the others (and really, it’s just missing the search functionality), and may require you doing a little more work to find what you are searching for, but it is well-known in the TESOL/TEFL world and he has a great list of job postings.

I, personally, love that he has an “International Job Board”, a “Korean Job Board” and a “China Job Board.” With the demand for TESOL/TEFL teachers being extremely high in Korea and China this is a nice feature. His job lists show the most recent postings at the top making it very easy to apply for current positions.

How to find the right TESOL jobs?

Now, the last option I’m going to talk about really puts the responsibility on you, but can be a great way to find jobs that may not be advertised on the traditional websites you are searching. This involves using Facebook.

By searching expat groups in the city or country you are seeking employment in, you may find some hidden gems in your career search. Be sure to use keywords such as “Expats in Country XYZ” or “English Speakers in City ABC” or “City XYZ Expats.”

Play around with your titles as you search for groups on Facebook. Then, be sure to read the rules of the group to make sure you can seek employment there, and then start asking around for jobs. You will often find English speaking local citizens of the country where you want to live who use the Facebook groups to find great employees.

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So don’t let the question of  “Where to find TESOL jobs?” overwhelm you. Start with the four I’ve shared with you today:,, Dave’s ESL Cafe, and Facebook groups and you’ll be on your way to finding your dream position!

If you have any other sites to share that have been helpful in searching for a TESOL job, be sure to share them in the comments. We’d love to know where you’re successful job search has taken you!

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